The house with the Piano



Back in December, a group of my girl friends and I went to a conference. It was great and had a few things we learned  and say to each other still today. One thing we did was answer five questions about ourselves to help us find our essential self (the person who we are at our core). Most of them were easy, but one stood out as more intimidating than the others…”name one thing/new skill you want to learn this year for yourself”. I knew the answer quickly because it is something I have wanted to do for, well, my whole life. I filled in the blank and didn’t think much more about it, until….


We sold our house back in March. We started praying after we had the girls for a bigger house. We desperately needed more space, but the last few years had been a drain on us financially and we were in no way set up to make a move. I told some friends “God gave us the girls and He knew our needs when we received that blessing, so we will just pray for it to happen”. So, we did and like God always does in times of droughts and storms…He left us standing in awe of Him. Once we realized we would be in position to purchase a home after the sell of our current home, we started frantically looking, because it is a sellers market and we knew we needed to be prepared whenever the house sold. Since Decemberish, I would take the kids on rides after school periodically and we would look at houses from the road because 1. it was fun and 2. one of my spiritual gifts is prophecy and I knew once we saw the house, we would simply know it was right. On this particular day, I drove around looking at a few houses and as we drove up to the last house, I gasped and called my husband.

He had already seen the house from my view and we both agreed we loved the lay of the land and the charm of the house. It had character and literally every need/want on our list. We both had that unexplainable feeling that the house would be ours one day.

We called the owner’s (it was a for sale by owner) and they told us it was under contract and set to close at the end of December. We were really sad, but ultimately knew if it was the right move, it would happen. Fast forward to the end of December while I was out to eat for my birthday with my gal pals; my phone rang and my husband was on the other line. He explained that the deal had fallen through with the previous buyer and the owners of the house called him. They had already moved out of the house and into their parents home where they would live to take care of her elderly father. She told him she had written our name and number down on a tiny sheet of paper and stuck it on a drawer after our call of interest. She kept our number because my groom was so enthusiastic about the house and had made an impression on her. She further explained that her sister had packed up the drawer with the tiny piece of paper on it and they somehow found it after the move.

We met at the house and took earnest money to lock in the deal (our house was not even on the market, yet). As we were shown around the house, we talked about their sweet memories that had been made and told them of our dreams of country/small farm living. We found ourselves in the basement and the only thing left in the whole house was a queen size mattress and a piano. She said they both came with the house and it was at that moment that I knew God was telling me, in his creative way, the house would be ours. We moved in as “renters” and finally closed on the house today. The sellers would never leave a house meeting without praying over us and the decision first. They told us they had prayed and felt like God wanted us there and they were clueless about how much to list the house for, so they went with the number God gave them. We bought the house at that price, which was exactly the amount we felt comfortable with from the very beginning of the entire process.

My groom jokingly says, “are you sure you want to keep that piano” whenever the kids are banging on the keys and I smile and say, “absolutely”. This piano is one of the love letters from Jesus and I will keep it close to my heart and now I feel even more pressure to learn how to play.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your circumstances today, lean into the vulnerability and ask God to provide. My little family is living proof of His provision and even though the trek to get here was bumpy, the journey was completely worth it.



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