Favorite places and spaces 

I have a board on Pinterest labeled favorite places and spaces. It’s one of my favorite boards because all the pictures are cozy and cute and simple. There are a few of these places in our house that I have and I plan to create more and more. My kids have some favorite spaces set up, too. Since the move, my bedroom has felt very stale. I love the feeling of being in my bed, but most of the walls are bare and there isn’t much coziness to call me in there. Today, I changed that. 

This is the corner beside my bed. It has all of my favorite things (excluding just a couple of things, of course). My diffuser, books and now first ever plant hanger that I made myself! Soul Sista and I got a lesson in macrame by another one of our good friends. I think we may have a new club on our hands (and all macrame lovers unite ✌🏽). We are both pretty proud of our creations and are most likely going to be addicted. She also dropped off the sweet little aloe Vera plant this morning on her way to work (I know, she spoils me 😻😻), so it’s going in the hanger for now, but will be switching it out soon for something a little bigger. 

Do you have favorite spaces in your house? Where do you go to unwind or get a way…de-stress? Bonus points for included pics of said spaces! 


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