I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the book,¬†The Five Love Languages,¬†but it’s so good and an essential to read that I am including the link¬†here. It lists five different love languages that all people possess, but helps you identify your top two “languages” you need to feel loved. When my groom and I first got married, we both read it and SURPRISE, we had the opposite love languages. His were 1. physical touch (‘nother surprise. haha) 2. words of affirmation. Those were literally my least scored languages. My top two were 1. Acts of service and 2. gifts. It was amazing to see how I would serve him all day by doing things for him and he would tell me all day long how much he loved me and at the end of the day, we both felt void of each other’s love to a certain degree.

Reading this book was such an eye opener. Neither of us understood why the other needed their love language. His thoughts were…”I tell you with my words how much I love you, so that should be enough”. My thoughts were “anyone can say words, actions matter more…I need you to show me”. You can picture how this turned ugly really quickly.

As we have aged and grown in our marriage, my love language has evolved and quality time has moved up as an importance on my list. Sometimes, sitting a room and simply being near each other is enough, but there are other times where I crave that deep connection and engagement.

Speaking each other’s love language is essential to a healthy marriage (and in any other relationship for that matter). It’s easy for me to serve, serve, serve or bring home my groom’s favorite little snack just because he was on my mind, but to him, it doesn’t full his tank. He is still running on fumes, so I have to make it point to say how much I appreciate him and take that extra little step to stop what I am doing and give him a hug (and we all know how terrible of a hugger I am). And he has learned to pick up something on the way home like my favorite candy bar to let me know I was on his mind. It doesn’t take much and honestly, it can all be done without ever touching the bank account, but it definitely has to be intentional.

I have some AHHH-MAZING friends. Like, so awesome I can’t even describe it. Over the past couple of years, it has been apparent to me how intentional they are. With gifts and acts of service being my top two love languages, I take a homemade gift as the epic gesture in friendship. Not only are you giving me something, but you took time out of your day to make me something….you score a 10 on my judging card. Here are some of my most favorite gifts I have received and an explanation as to why…

My baby sister spent some time in Puerto Rico for a study abroad program. She brought us home this sweet little tile as a gift. The tile is cute and all, but what meant more was she only came home with like one check-in suitcase and a carry-on. She literally lived in PR for over a year and this little gift made its way home to us. She could’ve chalked it off as not having the space to bring anything, but she didn’t. She packed this little gift in her tiny space just for us and I look at it everyday and am reminded of my little sister. ¬†
One of my besties made this little sign for me with my life verse on it. This verse holds so much truth in my life. I love it and her for making it. 
Can we all just take a moment and appreciate this next gift? A very talented friend of mine gave me this and it’s literally one of my favorite gifts of all time. Homemade and a plant…doesn’t get much better.¬†
This gift was given to me too many years ago for me to remember how long ago it was. I know my sister-in law made it for me and she gave it to me when I decided to go back to school and finish my degree. I love it so much.
This is a birthday gift from this past year. One of my besties gave it to me and 1. Scripture 2. wall decor 3. looks old…she knows me so well.¬†
“Bind my wandering heart to thee”. My daily prayer to Jesus because this heart is prone to wander. My soul sister made this for me. She knows me, she loves me, and she is uber talented.¬†
A sweet friend gave me this after the twins were born and when I first started this blog. When I feel overwhelmed, scared and doubtful…I go into my office and stare at it until I believe it to be true.¬†
My sweet sister/bestie made this for me after I graduated with my degree in Psychology. She (and a few others) rode this ride alongside me and believed in me. They were the force behind me and one of the reasons I kept going. 
My sweet sister gave me this plant just this last weekend. It was waiting for me after my first Barre rehearsal class and my heart was so full. There is something about friendship and plants that just fuels my tank to the top. 
More sweet friends…more scripture that speaks to my soul and keeps me grounded. The little Brave sign was made for me when I was in the hospital with the girls. She placed it on the white board for me to literally stare at, so I couldn’t forget to ask Jesus for bravery to get me through. It was my word for the year and I love this little thing that reminds me of it.¬†
If I had to give a winner to my favorite gift, it would have to be this beauty. It’s gorgeous in every way, but the small details are what takes it to the top shelf. The dots around the tree are *6 dots for 6 family members *4 dots for 4 bear cubs *2 dots for 2 twins. And I’m not sure if the circle was significant to her, but for me it reminds me how God has connected His love for me through my family.¬†

So….what are your love languages? What fuels your tank? I hope your heart is being fueled by them today!



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