Parenting in today’s society is stressful. So much pressure from every angle, it’s exhausting. With each kid, the pressure to do everything perfectly faded and now there are four with two being 1 year old’s, they pretty much raise themselves and have full time jobs…just kidding 😉 But seriously, parenting is hard enough without all the parent shaming and judgment. Since I let you guys in on things that I am terrible at…I decided to do a parenting edition. So, here you go..

Ways I suck at parenting…

Routines…I am not one of those “self-disciplined” people, so pushing a routine on my kids doesn’t come naturally either. I have to work at it daily and sometimes I say “the heck with it…our village will unite and join forces today in true laziness and take the day as it unfolds”.

Making my kids eat… This one is sort of true…I have a lot of food allergies, so when it comes to pushing my kids to eat things they “don’t like”, I usually listen to their natural bodies responses because that is how my body works. The thought of eating a banana makes me gag…turns out…I am allergic to them. So, as long as we can find a healthy alternative, I don’t enforce the “I made it, so you have to eat it” rule.

Shoes…I grew up in the country and I also hate wearing shoes, so I really could care less if my kids have shoes on their feet when they play outside. I feel this weird guilt when other parents encourage their children to put shoes on before going outside because, like “do they care about their kids feet more than I?”..who knows. I read an article that said skin exposure to dirt strengthens their immune system…that article was my jam.

Saying no to memories… I am really really terrible at this one. If their is an opportunity for a memory to be made, it becomes lead role in my decision making. “You have your Sunday best on? Who cares if you play in that red dirt? Sure we are being totally wasteful and ruining a perfectly nice outfit, but hey…we all smiled and laughed and had a jolly good time, right?”…makes perfect logic, right? :/

Baths…I can not in my right mind admit to you how long my kids have gone without baths before. I just can not, for you will surely judge me…(swimming in pools count as baths, right?)

Eating out…We RARELY eat meals out as a family. My groom and I aren’t big diner’s ourselves, so naturally, it’s trickled into our parenting. We took Jonah out to eat the other day after his kindergarten musical and he was so impressed. This was literally his dialogue…”do we just leave our food and plates on the table?” me “yes”. “And the workers just pick it up?” me “yes”. “wow…that is so kind of them”. He then made it a personal goal to tell each waiter/waitress he saw thank you for cooking and/or cleaning up for us and to have a great day. Im not sure if I am ashamed or proud of this one…poor deprived little child.

Technology… my kids do not have their own tablets or electronic devices. They do use ours, but I just can’t buy into the modern day technology world. Call me old school…it ain’t happenin’.

These are some of the ways I am a failure at parenting. I know there are more, some I am aware of and surely some I am not. What are some of your parenting fails????



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