Belle, Hermione, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

                 A few months ago, there was a trend on social media about finding three famous fictional or non-fictional people/characters that summed up your personality. I may or may not have taken this really seriously and thought way too hard on the matter, but soul sister (SS) did too, so we were our own kind of normal. Also, people tell me I look like actresses all the time, but it’s literally never the same person. This gives me somewhat of a complex because it makes me feel I have the most average face on the planet since I look like so many different people. I’ve also had numerous people stop me while I am out-and-about telling me they know someone who is my “twin”. I am not being dramatic when I say it happens all. the. time. I feel this is the reason I have a slight obsession with finding people I know doppelgänger. I can not be at peace with our friendship until I have associated you with someone else. This is not a chosen thing, it just happens out of compulsion in my brain and I can’t help it. I can help, however, the need to barrage you about it until I make the association, but that takes a lot of work and I just don’t have the energy. So, If I know you…I probably know your famous twin.

Back to the important and essential social media challenge…SS and I grappled for days about who our three chosen people would be. We both knew two off-hand that we associated with, but that third one was a doozy…don’t believe me…(ask the dishes :))))) ) try it!

Belle- Oh, this sweet little introverted reader with her nose stuck in a book. I get you. I truly do. She wanted so much more than a provincial life and I get that, too. The best gift the beast could have given her was a LIBRARY…I mean, c’mon. What. better. gift? She has brown hair and brown eyes, right there with ya, girl. She would rather her life be a musical than normal, boring, talking chatter…if you only knew the conversations in my head that I have to translate from singing to talking…maybe this is why I have a mumbling problem. I even channeled Belle on my wedding….judge me now (at least it was ivory and not gold). When my eldest cub went with me to see the live action film last month, he told me all of the ways in which he thought I was like Belle (He filled my love tank) and he assuredly told me I was married to the Beast…I chose to assume he meant it in a positively with the beast’s burly, strong, and heroic ways, but I was too afraid to ask for clarification. 😉 He also said I was kind like her….bless that sweet little six-year old’s heart!


Hermione- If you don’t know who this is…we can still be friends, but I will judge you always and forever. The greatest story ever told in my book is Harry Potter. Imagine my complete and utter satisfaction when my Meyer’s Briggs personality was the same as Hermione Granger. I had always identified with her character when watching the movies, so it definitely made sense. INTP’s are:

Natural born thinker’s



analytical and logical

often come up with systems to solve problems

quick to correct other’s (sorry!)

interested more in ideas than social interaction

As an adult, I’ve seen some of these things drift into unsettled waters. I had a counselor tell me once to stop making lists and forget about them because I could never accomplish all that I that was written on it. I spent 10-ish years until recently realizing those lists actually, eased my anxiety. I forget things very easily and 1. writing things down helps me to remember later and 2. I enjoy making lists. This was really bad advice and it took me a decade to see it. The fact was he wasn’t a list maker and so he perceived it as a negative in my life. It was my system I had created that worked pretty dang well to help me accomplish things. There was a sense of shame that I connected to that and I have learned that I do work best when i create systems…especially with my daily tasks and even more so in parenting.

I also correct other’s without thinking about it. When I was in high school, I remembered offending a few people really, really badly. I was completely oblivious to it because in my mind, things were supposed to be a certain way and I was helping them by pointing it out. They saw it as…well…you can imagine 😉 That was the point when I became super self-conscious about giving my two cents in life and usually kept things to myself after that. This part of my personality was also a part of the shame box in my head and it’s taken me a very long time to see that it is not a bad thing if I use it in the right way. It’s actually a gift that not everyone possesses and I should use it…only, in a gentle and loving way. Keep the emotion in and talk to a person how I would want them to speak to me. It’s all about perspective.


Being an INTP as a female is challenging. There is a stereotype that women should be emotional and soft. These are two things that I do not naturally have, but I have learned to keep them in my tool box and use them in appropriate times. Hermione is an amazing character example of how to channel the INTP personality in productive and helpful ways. And she has super frizzy hair that is often times unkempt… Yup….she made frizzy haired girls look cool.

Frizzy hair, don’t care…and can we talk about how the world’s collided when Emma Watson played Belle…mind blown. 

If you want to know 12 other ways Hermione made being an INTP seem magical, click here.

The third leg to the trio was the hardest for me. I tried to base it purely on physical traits, but I apparently look like way too many people for that. I thought about New Girl’s Jessica Day played by Zooey Deschaneal because of the reasons listed about making life be a musical and I am a completely awkward human being in interactions with others, but I decided to go with a style icon instead….

Jenna Dewan-Tatum- I love everything about her style. She has a relaxed ease to it and she works with the natural wave in her hair which I appreciate. If I could choose any actress to look would be her. She has piercing green eyes and jet black hair and I think she is absolutely gorgeous. This one is breaking the rules a little (INTP-super rule follower) since I’m not technically like her in the fact I’m not super rich and can’t afford her wardrobe, but on a penny pincher’s wallet, I would say I identify with her style the most.

I cheated again. I am such the little rule breaker today. I added 
another style icon..Minka Kelly...I like her relaxed look and 
I have never been told I look like her, but when I watched her 
on Friday night lights and Parenthood, I saw myself in her looks a 
little bit...ugh..if only, right? ;)

So, this is me in a three-person nutshell. If you wish to humor me and find your three person nutshell…please do and tell me why! If you wish to humor me even more…who would you add to my nutshell?

Happy Thursday, Peeps!!




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