But first, Let me take a selfie…

file2I must admit something to the modern world. I am incredibly terrible at something my generation prides itself on. My sister’s move me into the “you are so old and such a mom” when I send them selfies because I am so terrible at it.I pride myself as being the “Annie Leibovitz” of selfies…but, I click and send and regret it immediately when my oh, so cool and hip younger sisters laugh it off as mediocre at best. Oh, well…guess I’m not the millennial I thought I was.

Psychology says admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, so I plan to be an expert selfie taker in no time. Just you wait. My realization and admittance to my inability to be a modern personal photog, made me think about all of the other things I am terrible at. Β Being the perfectionist that I am, it was slightly freeing to admit my flaws and limitations. So, here for your viewing pleasure…a list of my terrible-ness….


I am an awful hugger. I did not know this about myself until three different people pointed it out in a span of a few months. Some of these people I’ve known my whole life and have just now told me….I admit…I don’t like to hug. It’s always that “I think we are going to hug, but what kind of hug will it be? A side hug? A church hug? What if someone is coming in for a handshake and I think it’s time for a hug…it will then be so awkward there will be no return of friendship. Guard my throat because the shoulder will come and hit your esophagus by those very committed huggers and then I will just die because my throat will be closed off”. These are the irrational thoughts I have in the two seconds before a hug. I find it to me normal, maybe others won’t…

Organization…I find this to be an actual talent and if you don’t have it…well, use and abuse your friends that do…they love that crap.

Pampering myself…I hate painting my toenails or any other non-essential girly thing that needs to be kept up on a timely basis. I will paint my toes out of societal pressure and wear that junk until it grows out.

Cleaning…just like organization, I find this to be a gift. My sister is amazing at it. She sees things that my eyes just literally do not. It amazes me when she graciously cleans my house and the ways she finds new spaces to shine baffles me.

Meal planning..hate it…need to do it…ain’t gonna do it.

Small talk…oh, how I loathe you. Marry someone who is great at it, it will help. When I first started my career as a hair stylist, I had a list of topics that I would bring up to keep the conversation flowing. This seems to be a desperate measure because it was. I dive deep into conversations. Let’s talk about the real things in life…the nitty gritty stuff. This is where I like to live, not in the surface level arena. I am a typical Jessica Day when it come to small talk…so very awkward it hurts.

Patience…’nuff said.

Baking…I really don’t understand how I am supposed to mix ingredients together and *trust* my oven to do the rest. For all you baker’s out there..bravo…you have overcome trust issues more than I have.

Running…boring and monotonous. I am a sprinter…throw some hurdles in there or add a baton to pass off and I am game.

Sympathy for the “small” things… I naturally go to the “suck it up, buttercup” mentality for most things in life, so I have to really work on my sympathy card. When you’ve experienced the hard in life, the “easy” hardships don’t get much sympathy from me (reactively). But, I know this is not truth and the way to be, so I’ve worked really hard at seeing an individual’s hardships as valid. Having sympathy costs me nothing and on the flip side, a hardened heart costs me too much.

Waking up… I dread going to sleep at night because I loathe waking up. I am envious of those who have an internal alarm clock or people who “wake up and just couldn’t fall back asleep”.

I know I could add to this list all day, but I think this will suffice for today. But, to prove the validity of my claims…I’ve attached a few selfies.


What are some of your struggles in life? What are you terrible at? Who wants to give this girl some selfie guidance? πŸ˜‰




5 thoughts on “But first, Let me take a selfie…

  1. funny read!! Ty Holley

    I am bad at – entertaining. One family. one friend over. Thats my emotional limit. Ha! Family is different – let em all come- they talk to each other. Entertainer is not my comfort zone. Thus, also, fellowship in big groups – not my bag! One on one – deep conversation πŸ™‚ I prefer that.

    Your line was so funny -” I will paint my toes out of societal pressure and wear that junk until it grows out.” Yup! I repaint over at least 3 times.



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