To do or not to do


One of my dreams of being a mom is to invest in my children’s education. I am so fortunate to be able to stay home with my little’s and at the moment, there are no plans to return to a job that takes me out of the home. We have definitely sacrificed in many areas to be able to do this, but we feel the investment in our children is worth the sacrifice for us. With that being said, the thought of homeschooling is very appealing to both my husband and myself. The appeal is definitely met with fear and the urge to vomit a little, but knowing my boys and how they learn best, it seems to be an option worth looking into.

This is where I need help from you. I am a researcher and like to look at things from all angles before I feel I can make the best possible decision. What are your thoughts? If you are a homeschooling mama…pros and cons….would you do it again if you could make the decision over? Teachers, what are your thoughts? Mamas to boys with sensory issues and ADHD, how do feel? If you have an opinion, I want to hear it. Here are a list of Pros/cons/fears of mine.


Time…more of it for family and playtime.

Scheduling freedoms

Less sensory stimulation

Ability to move at the pace of the child’s specificity

Flexibility on learning styles



Can I handle it?

Do I have the patience?

Do I have the discipline?

Will it ease up areas of stress in some ways, but add to stress in other ways?

Will my kids be missing out on the school milestones?

Will it negatively effect my kids socially?


So, help a mama out! I feel if we make the move, we are kind of stuck to it, so we are taking baby steps in considering it a step for our family. Much love to all! Hope the holidays are treating you well!




2 thoughts on “To do or not to do

  1. You can totally do it! No you don’t have the patience… no one does but you will learn. Nothing is ever carved into stone when it comes to planning for the future. You can NOT mess up your children so my suggestion is try it for a year or so and keep praying. I would totally go it again and again and again and only change my mi d if a specific child had specific needs that were best served in someway outside the home. I will put some links in the comments if you FB page that are excellent General resources on education and homeschool.


    1. Thank you! My biggest hesitation is that Jonah is in the theme school, which is a lottery and if he stays, all of the kids get in. It makes me nervous to leave such a good school and great resources.


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