The magic little pill

Alright, so I need everyone to have an open mind. You may, after reading this post, write me off as a loon or hippie or who knows what, but today I am going to talk about placenta pills. If you are squeamish…read no further. If you are pregnant, take what I say to heart. If you are a husband of a pregnant woman…you must hear this and know after your wife has a baby, she could have a magical pill made from her placenta that will make your postpartum experience less Hyde and more Jekyll. Trust me…you will thank me.

Imagine two females inside of you excreting female hormones and then one day, they exit your body taking all of those preciously annoying hormones with them. This is what I was most afraid of when finding out I was pregnant with twin girls. With my boys, I could feel the testosterone raging within me. Like, Imma punch somebody in the throat if they cross me. I told my husband I understand why boys fight so much after feeling the effects of testosterone in me. With my girls, I spent the first half of the pregnancy sick as a dog, but also crying…and crying….and crying. Puppy commercials, kids being cute, whatever…you name it, I was bawling. My husband got a kick out of it because I RARELY cry.

I started researching other cultures and celebrities who had their placenta’s encapsulated. Turns out, it is soo good for you and it is trending, so people don’t get as weirded out when you talk about it. I assumed the cost would be out of the question, but low and behold…the cost was very affordable and my sista-wife found someone somewhat local that did it! She offered to transport the placenta for me while I was in the hospital recovering, so it would be ready by the time I was home. My doctors and nurses thought we were a wee bit crazy, but they were also intrigued and wanted to know the outcome. My husband was on strict “save the placenta after I push two babies out” duty. He was so supportive of me eating my own body organ and I am grateful for that. Bless him.

The placenta needs to be frozen when transported and gets put in a dehydrator before it is ground up. There is a science to the dehydration process because they want to keep all the benefits of the organ. The things most appealing about the pills were increased release of oxytocin (a new mama’s best friend!),  decrease risks of postpartum depression, increase levels of iron and mo’ milk for the babes. Here is a link for Placenta encapsulation  for anyone who is interested in learning more of the benefits.

The first few days after delivering my girls were cruel to my body. EVERYTHING is worse when you carry two babies at once. EVERYTHING. The contractions and emotions were most intense! I have NEVER taken pain meds besides over the counter stuff, but postpartum, I took whatever they would give me. When I got home and had to leave the girls at the hospital, I was so weepy. I would be stable one minute and bawling like a baby the next. Within 12 hours of taking my pills, I never cried again and did not have a single contraction or cramp. I. was. amazed. I didn’t and still don’t care if everyone on the planet thinks I am a weirdo…encapsulation is the way to go. It is an adrenal organ, so it replenishes your body of so much of what is lost through the birthing process.

Another part of encapsulation that was fabulous was my milk supply. The nurses and doctors were amazed at how much I was able to produce. They even told me to stop bringing my milk in because I took up most of the freezer. (Can I get a whoop whoop?!?!). It was so comforting knowing my girls were getting a part of me while we were separated that first month. I am proud to say we are still on our pumping journey at 8 1/2 months. I am still able to give them about 21-25 oz a day and I am grateful for it.

I ran out of pills at around 4 months postpartum. This is when my depression started creeping in. It was worth those first 4 months of energy, much less pain, and happiness that encapsulation brought. If you want to know more details about my experience, I will happy to chat with you. Happy post election day!






















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